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Robert Richards, Esq. - Quality Legal Services at an Affordable Price

Welcome to the Robert Richards, Esq. website.  Robert Richards, Esq. has over thirty years experience in the practice of law as a general practitioner in Santa Fe, New Mexico, including three years working at a Wall Street law firm and over two years as general council for the Developmental Disabilities Planning Council, Office of Guardianship.  The goal of my legal practice is to provide quality legal services at an affordable price to businesses and individuals-- not just through reasonable fees, but by reducing overhead costs to you.

Robert Richards' legal experience has involved cases in Magistrate Court (small claims, etc.), Municipal Court (traffic court, etc.), District Court, the Court of Appeals, Federal Courts and the Supreme Court of New Mexico.  Robert Richards' goal is to avoid the high cost of litigation through a practice of law that minimizes the chance of going to court.  An ounce of preventive law can save his clients a pound of litigators.  Examples would be providing his clients non-litigation services such as a joint divorce agreement, wills, real estate contracts, creation of limited liability corporations, contracts and general agreements.  Robert Richards, Esq. has found that mediation and settlement conferences go a long way toward settling disputes and saving clients from the high cost of litigation.

Legal analysis, technique and procedure are important, but equally important is working closely with my clients in their efforts to achieve both their personal and legal goals while keeping them fully informed of all aspects of their case.  To this end my legal firm can offer legal solutions to businesses and individuals without the overhead of a large law office.

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